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With a name like Verticals Etc, we must carry Vertical Blinds, and of course we do.

Like many other window shading products, advancements have been made on verticals as well. The trend today is toward vertical products that look and act more like a drapery. Cadence Vertical Blinds, pictured above are hard vinyl blinds shaped in flowing curves similar to a drapery.

Verticals are still a great option for certain applications and often are the most economical choice to cover larger windows.

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Vertical Blinds are a simple yet elegant way to finish off any room.
vertical 2sm Vertical Blinds come in various colors and sizes to fit your needs. vertical 2sm Vertical Blinds are easy and safe to use..
vertical 4sm Get the privacy you deserve with Vertical Blinds. Drapery Vertical Blinds can reduce energy costs and prevent fading.

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