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Pirouette® window shadings combine the personality of a classic fabric shade with the ability to control light in an entirely new way. With the gentle pull of the operating cord, textured fabric in a palette of delightful colors transforms from contoured folds to opened vanes, allowing a softened outside view through the sheer backing. The revolutionary Invisi-Lift™ system allows the horizontal fabric vanes to float gracefully in the window, while providing precise control of the light in your life.

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Pirouette window shading allows you to control the amount of privacy and light you desire.
whats new3sm Pirouette window shadings add a soft classic look to any room. whats new3sm Enjoy some privacy with Horizontal Blinds.
whats new1sm Piroette Window Shadings will keep your furniture from fading. whats new3sm Pirouette Window Shadings add style and elegance.

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