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Find Stylish French Door Window Treatments Options at Verticals etc

Finding French door window treatments that accentuate without overpowering the door is a challenge. The window treatments for your French doors need to provide privacy and light control, but still look stylish and beautiful. Let the designers at Exciting Windows! by Verticals etc help you bring all the requirements for French door window treatments together to create a beautiful look for your home.

French door window treatments can be some of the most challenging for homeowners to select. French door window treatments need to be able to accommodate the opening and closing of the door, as well as the door handle. Some homeowners choose to install sheer curtains accented with center ties for their French door window treatments. But what if you want something more interesting or dramatic? That is where our designers are here to help.

We offer our clients a wide array of French door window treatments options. From roller shades to blinds, we help our clients find the French door window treatments that showcase their style. Wood blinds and shutters are popular options for French door window treatments. The warmth and cozy feeling that wood blinds and shutters provide is popular with many homeowners. For homeowners who like the look of woven woods, our solar shades are a beautiful French door window treatments option. If all you want is a bit of light control, why not consider window film for your French door window treatments. When window film is chosen for French door window treatments, it protects your home from heat, fading and glare without blocking the view.

From simple to dramatic, our design team can help you find the French door window treatments that work best in your home. To get started reviewing the many options for French door window treatments, call our show room at (603) 964-7282.

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