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Kirtz Shutters: Perfection is in the Details

Kirtz shutters are among the finest shutters on the market today. Kirtz shutters are meticulously made by craftsmen who know that the details of each shutter are what make it stand out from the rest. Kirtz shutters are made with perfection in mind. No shutter leaves the Kirtz facility unless it is flawless.

Kirtz shutters add architectural detail to a home. Much like beautiful wainscoting or eye catching moldings, Kirtz shutters add value to a home because of their heirloom quality construction. Kirtz shutters are made from the finest hardwoods. Designed to add both warmth and character to any room in your home, Kirtz shutters show your appreciation of the finer things in life. The use of both domestic and exotic woods allows Kirtz shutters to take on a life of their own. The wood that is used to make Kirtz shutters comes with beautiful textures and grains.

The handmade quality of Kirtz shutters allows them to be shaped to fit any window opening. From arch windows and doors to circles and ovals, Kirtz shutters can be made in a variety of shapes to meet all of your design needs. With 25 different paint and stain options, the finish of your Kirtz shutters can be customized to fit your home´s décor perfectly.

Kirtz shutters are made with an eye toward the environment. All shavings and wood chips are recycled for agricultural use. They even use the wood dust from sanding to heat their plant. Being responsible for the environment is a priority for the Kirtz shutter family.

Many homeowners find value in the energy savings that Kirtz shutters provide. Kirtz shutters are designed to help insulate in the winter and reflect the sun´s warmth in the summer. Kirtz shutters can also extend the life of your furnishings by blocking the sun´s powerful UV rays.

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