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Why Choose Curtains and Drapes for Your Room?

There are many choices when choosing the right window treatments for your room. So why are curtains and drapes such a good choice? Let´s review the reasons.

  • Flexibility in Style. Curtains and drapes are a wonderful choice for any room in your home. From flowing silk panels to pleated plaids, curtains and drapes offer a world of options to match the style and décor of your space. It really is amazing how choosing a different fabric, or style of curtains and drapes, can completely change the look of a room. For flexibility, there really is no greater option than curtains and drapes.
  • Accessorize. Curtains and drapes have the unique ability to be accessorized for maximum appeal. Adding a beautiful cornice or valance to your curtains and drapes can create a whole new look. The trims and decorative hardware you select will create a truly one of a kind look for your curtains and drapes. With so many options to choose from, you may have a hard time picking the right accessory items for your curtains and drapes. Our design team is here to help you make all of those decisions.
  • Movement. Curtains and drapes come in either stationary or operable styles. While traditionally used to cover a window when you don´t want to see out, curtains and drapes can also be used as a decorative accessory. Having your curtains and drapes remain stationary allows you to compliment them with sheers, blinds or shutters.

For elegance and beauty you cannot beat the look of quality curtains and drapes. From casual to elegant, curtains and drapes offer flexibility in design and style that is unsurpassed. Combine your curtains and drapes with other window coverings options, and you are certain to have a look that is unique to your home and lifestyle. Contact Exciting Windows! by Verticals etc at (603) 964-7282 to select the curtains and drapes that are perfect for your room.

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