Beautiful Accents for Specialty Shaped Windows

Having arched, round, oval and eyebrow shaped windows add drama and beauty to a house – inside and out. It can also present a challenge when it comes to shading or controlling sunlight coming in through them. Our trained designers and installers can meet the challenge of these beautiful windows present.

We can fit most of our products to custom window shapes, from shutters to grasscloth shades. Our extensive line of window coverings can even cover windows that are not reachable on a wall, or installed in the ceiling.  We will meet the challenge by choosing the right product to suit your needs for a specialty window.

Common Specialty Window Challenges

French door window treatments are a common specialty window treatment challenge. Our design team encourages the use of shutters for French doors because their installation directly on the door means they will be silent and allow light control. Shutters may not suit you – finding the right French door window treatments to meet your needs and lifestyle is what we do here at Exciting Windows.

Shutters are also one of the most popular options for specialty shaped windows. Shutters can be made to fit nearly every shape window on the market today. Shutters and honeycomb shades are up to the challenge of fitting almost any specialty shipped window.

No matter the size or shape of the window you need to have covered, the design team at Exciting Windows! by Verticals, etc can create a beautiful window covering solution.